Our energy transition: Safe – Clean – Affordable


What is LTW?

We have been dealing with alternative energy systems for a long time. In the Czech Republic and Austria, for example, we have worked significantly on the planning and implementation of photovoltaics and alternative energy systems. Through this many years of work we have built up know-how and also repeatedly asked ourselves how one can use the produced eco-energy oneself. That’s why we took the step about 8 years ago and built our first energy storage system. Due to the cost situation on the market, we initially sold these primarily to industry and commerce. Only over time did the technology become simpler, more manageable and thus realizable for the private market.

Enjoy the benefit of our many years of experience in the industry.

From industry for private use!

You will receive a system in your house, which has already proven itself at large automotive and mobile phone companies. Our entire team and our partner electricians are available for you and your project. Let’s start the energy transition together.

Baum in Händen

Advantages of the LTW battery storage

You benefit from an independent power supply and emergency power function

You make yourself independent of rising electricity prices

You consume 100% emission-free electricity

You can use your photovoltaic energy day and night

You have a real green house concept and low energy house

Solar Energie

What is photovoltaics?

It is a simple and affordable way of generating electricity for every household with its own roof. With sophisticated technology and a long service life, photovoltaic systems are the profitable and easy way to generate electricity yourself. Photovoltaics is the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy. Several designs are used for this. We would be happy to advise you on how to configure the right type of future power plant for your house. Because here too, only those who are correctly configured and respond to environmental influences can get a long-lasting and profitable system on their roof.

How can we reduce your costs?

Since the beginning of PV technology, the prices have become cheaper every year. Therefore, you can now cover your desired energy needs with a smaller area on the roof thanks to the increased module efficiency. The low prices on the market enable faster amortization in connection with our storage systems. Because the main costs in the electricity price are the network costs and we prevent them with the highest possible degree of self-sufficiency for your system. Depending on the dimensioning of the system and the project, we can come to an amortization of the entire system of 6 to 9 years for private households. The system will continue to make money for you even after this payback period.

You also know that you are getting 100% pure green electricity, namely your own electricity, from the socket. No long transport routes and the power grids are also relieved.

The purchase and sale of energy is already possible with your system and you can start immediately after the introduction of a legal basis in Austria. This means that in connection with one of our electricity suppliers you can also sell your electricity more attractively in the future and, if the market permits, buy cheaper electricity. So we can again protect the grids by offering and purchasing electricity where it is needed. Namely with you in your region!

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